Sport Camps


Basketball camp is located in village Karaula in the peaceful neighborhood, without crowd and traffic, on the altitude of 1050 m.

Beside spacious rooms and apartments with comfortable beds (no double-deckers), our accommodation offers full meal type and extra activities that are completely free of charge: internet cafe, joint living room with TV, small football court, table tennis room and fully equipped running track with swings, sledges and seesaw. In the evening we can arrange different excursions to the attractive destinations of Zlatibor and off course going out to the club.

SPORT TRIM was host to many pleased clubs from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and other European clubs.

Two brand new basketball courts, with spotlights provide professional training and competitions.


  1. from 11.06.2011 to 20.06.2011.
  2. from 20.06.2011 to 30.06.2011.
  3. from 30.06.2011 to 10.07.2011.
  4. from 10.07.2011 to 20.07.2011.
  5. from 20.07.2011 to 30.07.2011.
  6. from 30.07.2011 to 09.08.2011.
  7. from 09.08.2011 to 19.08.2011.
  8. from 19.08.2011 to 29.08.2011.



For children under the age of 15 – 60.00 din daily

For children 15 and older- 110.00 din daily

Package includes:

  • Ten full board – 11 days
  • Training
  • Health care – a doctor available for 24 hours
  • Sports with features of the camp
  • Certificates of participation
  • Awards


Working with children is based so they can reveal their natural talent, to cooperate and socialize with peers, to compete among each other, to learn that winning and losing is a part of sport and life itself, hence to enhance themselves after losing and to cope with joy after victory. At the end, the main goal is that all children have a chance to improve their basketball skills, as well as to learn how to be a true œbuddy.Camp working scheme:

  • Enhancement of motoric skills
  • Improvement of defense, offense and transition
  • Operational (functional) techniques
  • Learning about Individual and group tactics
  • Specific challenges per position

We learn camper:

  1. How to control tempo of game and how to make positional attack
  2. How to start and finish counter attack
  3. How to recognize counter attack and be patient
  4. How to  defense and organize attack
  5. How to overcome basic skills in defense and attack zone
  6. What are the social and cultural skills that he must have
  7. How to think during the game
  8. How to control the ball
  9. How to dribble
  10. The technique of running
  11. Shooting techniques
  12. All things that are necessary to evolve into a basketball player