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    Sport Trim Zlatibor

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Sport Trim is located only few minutes by car from the center of Zlatibor, about 1km from it, in a peacefull part of the Karaula place
School in nature

School in nature

Resort SPORT TRIM is something completely accommodated for vacation and outside classes
Basketball Camp

Basketball Camp

Basketball camp is located in village Karaula in the peaceful neighborhood, without crowd and traffic, on the altitude of 1050 m

Sport Trim Hotel Zlatibor

Sport Trim is located only few minutes by car from the center of Zlatibor in the peacefuller part of the Karaulas place. Lack of crowd and traffic, high quality service, brand new basketball courts, trim path, disco, internet caffe in SPORT TRIM will provide you the sense of Zlatibor's health and energy. If you want "to feel at home"  Be our guests!
We offer real value fot your money.

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About Zlatibor mountain

Zlatibor is a very popular mountain resort area in south-western Serbia. It is bounded on the north by Mount Tara, to the east by the Veliki Rzav River, to the south by the Uvac River and to the west by Bosnia and Herzegovina.Zlatibor is situated at an altitude of just over 1,000 meters, mountain range spreads over an area of 300 km², 27 miles in length, southeast to northwest, and up to 23 miles in width. The highest peak is Tornik at 1496 m. Zlatibor is situated between 43° 31' N, and 43° 51' N, and between 19° 28' E, and 19° 56' E.
It is famous summer winter and climatic resort situated on the north side of region Stari Vlah. Zlatibor is administratively divided into three municipalities within Serbia: Čajetina, Užice andNova Varoš, in the Zlatibor District. The railroad Belgrade-Bar passes through Zlatibor as well as others main roads.
The hill called Cigla near the village of Jablanica still has some borderline markings of the Kingdom of Serbia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Zlatibor is one of the Serbias most attractove tourist destination.Since 1892 on Zlatibor has its organised tourism. Top destinations are: Mokra Gora with its train "Ćira", Drvengrad, Stopica cave, "Staro Selo" in Sirogojno, waterfall long 20 m in Gostilje, monastery Uvac, Vodice and , Čainovci.


In the Middle Ages, Zlatibor was known as Rujno, a Župa that was part of Raška. The name started to be used in the 18th century, but its etymology is uncertain. 1855, duribg the new administrative divede of Serbia Rujanski srez was devided on Arilje and Zlatibor and that's the time when this name came in official documents.It probably stems from the Serbian words zlatni (golden) and bor (pine),  a particular type of a pine originates from the mountain, whose Latin name is Pinus silvestris variegata zlatiborica, and today is endangered.

Relief of Zlatibor

Zlatibor is curly platform and it's part of Dinar's mountains. The average hight is about 1000m above see level, and the highest peaks are Tornik (1946 m), Brijač na Murtenici (1480 m), Čigota (1422 m), Čuker (1358 m), Konjoder (1337 m), Vijogor (1281 m), Kobilja glava (1176 m), Gradina (1149 m), Jelova gora (1147 m), Gruda (1140 m), Crni vrh (1177 m) and others. Highest peaks are on the south part of Zlatibor, and the altitude decreases heading south.

Bigger flattened areas are called Zlatibors fields. The biggest fields are Branečko polje near the willage Branežaca and Šljivovice, Markovo in Mokra Gora, Rasnica and Sjeničko in Sjenište and Rožanjsko.
Most of the fields are conical shaped, they spread and steeply fall down to the rivers and streams where they raise up again making the thigh canyons.


As Zlatibor is leaning to the North and Northwest, more of the rivers flow to that side.
All water flows into Crno More by Drina, Djetina and Moravica. From the southern and central part of Zlatibor, Uvac and Crni Rzac bring water in Drina. From the North and Northwest Susica takes it to Djetina and from East Veliki Rzav brings it in Moravica.

Zlatibor is famous by its drinking water, some of them are among the best quality in Serbia.
Hajdučka ćesma and Hajdučica in Murtenica, Zaugline beneath Čigota and Jovans water in Alina's stream are the most famous waters in Zlatibor.

There is no natural lakes in Zlatibor. In the center of Kraljeve vode is situated the man-maid pond built for turist needs. Zlatibor water supplies comes from the pond Ribnica. There are also several ponds on the Uvac.

Zlatibor is famous by it's mineral springs. The most attractive is Bele vode in Mokra Gora, spa resaurt Vapa in Rozanstvo and spomen cesma on Oko.


Zlatibor is influenced with two climat types both mediterranean and continental. That phenomenon-climate clash is called "Rose of the wind".
That's where magic of Zlatibor begins with it's gentle winds.

Annual average temperature on Zlatibor is about 7°C. The coldest month is January with avg. temperature of about -2. 5°C and the wormiest is August with 15°C. Daily avg. temperature is about 18°C. Average number of sunny days on Zlatibor is 2000.

From place to place precipitation on Zlatibor are different Avg. Annual height of precipitation is about 880 mm, in Ljubise about 990m, in ÄŒajetina about 940 mm while south-eastern parts have more than 1000mm of precipitations.
The most of it falls in the May and October. The driest mounth is March.
The snow falls from October to May and stays about 100 days long, it often happens that snow falls over and above this period. In summer the falls are in the form of strong showers followed by thunder-storms and often cause erosion. The fogs are rare, especially on the central part of Zlatibor. However, when they appear they quickly clear away because there is no bigger basins where they can hold in.

In average, humidity has the most value in 7 and the smallest in 14h. It is never less than 75%.

The fastest and most common winds on Zlatibor are those who blow from south-west and north-east. The strongest is south-eastern wind, especially from October to May.
South-western and Southern wind usually blow from autumn to spring and brings mostly warm air mass. In the winter they soften coldness in the summer they increase the air temperature.

Great people shared there thoughts about Zlatibor

Jovan Dučić: "He who visited Zlatibor, knows what healthy place is"

Josip Broz Tito (1974. ): "This days, after the hard times and hard work, we really have found here peacefuller and calm refreshment and perfect climate. That's why man really wants to come back."

Regent Karađorđ‘ević (1905. ): "By its romantic side Zlatibor can be fully right compered with Switzerland without lakes."

Olja Ivanjicki (2007.): "Zlatibor is so beautiful. It makes me regenerated and inspires me to paint."

Stanko Bloudek: "Having cruised trough whole my native Slovenia and passed half of Europe, I still wasn't able to find such beauty."

Milić from Mačva (1986.): "I have characterized Zlatibors platform as "god's nest for holiday" Painting that god like landscapes I have try to approach it to you."

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